Welcome to the wnd module

wnd is a python only gui framework for win32 systems.

Its taking advantage of low-level win32 api calls, accesing the required functions directly from native windows libraries. This enshures you can create highly extendable native guis with low memory footprint and low distibution size.

Whilest being still under construction the module comes equipped with wrapper classes for windows comon controls, common dialogs, gdi drawing, drag and drop, a dialog and menu editor and many, many more modules peeking into the wild, wild world of the win32 api. A help file in CHM format comes shipped along with the module.

This is made possible by basing the module on Thomas hellers ctypes module, providing all the means to call functions exposed from dlls/shared libraries. With the help of this module there is nothing stopping you from coding up and down the windows platform SDK or diving into COM, very much as if you where working from a C or C+ environment.

wnd is currently tested on win98, some tests where run on XP. Release state is currently alpha, so there are deffinitely quite some rough edges in there. If you are currageous enough to give it a try, you're welcome. To make it clear, this module is not for the faint hearted. Its using all low level api calls and there is not to much between you and the systems core stopping you from crashing.

If you do not like this, do not use this module.

To make live easier in the windows world a gui is available on the project page for download to send python debug output to.

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